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Raynet Logger

Welcome to the RAYNET Logger Wiki

RAYNET Logger is a small program designed to assist Raynet groups in the logging of messages for events. While not designed to replace paper logging for major excercises, it has been designed with RAYNET's voice protocols [1] in mind. As of v 1.2.x, RaynetLogger is also network enabled, allowing several PC's on a network to log against the server record.

It has been designed and coded by Jay (2E0PSD), with testing and bug tracking by Dave (2E0DGO), both active amateur radio users and RAYNET members, and tested "in the field" by Stafford RAYNET. The software is provided by Ripsaw Ltd as a community project to allow us to give something back.


Like the software, the documentation is very much "work in progress". If anyone would like to volunteer to enhance the current documentation then please contact us.

The current documentation can be found here

Mailing List

If you are using the software, please consider joining the mailing list to keep up to date with any developments, ideas, bugs etc.


The software is still considered to be very much in the alpha stages, with new features and functions being added and bugs being found and corrected on a regular basis. The software will check for new releases on start up and new versions are fairly frequent. Testing "in the wild" is somewhat difficult however it has been used now for a few events and has held up. The practical upshot is that at this time this software cannot be described as suitable for production use - you have been warned!

That said, we are very much interested in finding people to help test and refine the software. If you are interested, please get in touch.

The changelog and information on the latest updates etc can be found on the updates page.

Bug Logging

If you find an issue with the software, please raise it on our mantis system, or drop Jay an e-mail


The software is provided purely "as is". Ripsaw provides no warranty either express or implied. For more details, please see our Disclaimer page.

Caveat emptor

Please note that as of now the software and the wiki is very much in the alpha stages of development. Further information will be added as development proceeds. If you are interested in assisting with the testing of the software then please drop us a line


  1. RAYNET Voice Protocol